The difference a little compassion makes

  • By Shelley Bothma

The difference a little compassion makes

Last night I climbed in to bed and my goosebumps quickly covered my body like a tidal wave, starting at my toes and working their way upward. I quickly dashed to the cupboard and grabbed my fluffiest longs and an oversized fleece jersey and climbed back under the covers. The tidal wave subsided.

But as I lay there I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the fact that I was not only in a warm bed and under shelter, but that I had warm food in my stomach, I had cleanly brushed teeth and was able to, in a matter of minutes, deal with my feeling cold and warm myself up. How many people in this world have none of the above? How many children lay on a cold floor as a bed with nothing but a meager piece of bread (if that) in their tummies? How many mothers have sleepless nights with nothing but their sense of guilt to keep them warm? Far too many!!

Every 2 months I get letters from the children that I sponsor and when monies are tight and I'm agitated that I can't go to that movie, or grab that sushi on the way home, these not only make me smile but also very quickly put my perspective right in check. The gratitude that these kids have and the love that they pour in to these letters and pictures is incredible.

I'm not a saint and this is not a self-praise blog but rather an encouragement to support this amazing cause. Please follow the links and donate what you can. We will email a massive 40% off voucher to anyone who donates (no minimum donation required).


A Letter from your sponsored child's country



But have you wondered what life is really like in Haiti?

Last year, you got a letter from your sponsored child's project director. This year, hear direct from the Compassion Haiti Director about the everyday circumstances and challenges children face—and be inspired by stories from around the nation!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Compassion and Haiti is right here.

Read about Haiti

Read more about other countries.

It's the next best thing to being there ... although, if you want to visit, you can do that, too.

Happy reading—and thank you for all you're doing for the sake of children living in poverty.

Thank you,

Compassion Australia



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