For a year now I have sponsored a 17 year old boy from Uganda named Lawarance and recently took on a 4 year old little girl from Haiti named Dawenska too. It is a project that I really believe in wholeheartedly. By sponsoring Lawarance and Dawenska, their schooling, clothing and toiletries are taken care of with a special gift for their birthdays and Christmas. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of children that do not have sponsors.
$2 from every mat sold will be donated to the Compassion unsponsored children's fund.
Compassion is committed to helping registered children from day one. As soon as a child has their photo taken at a Child Development Centre they begin to receive the practical and spiritual support they need to overcome poverty. However, it is not until they are sponsored that a very important part of the program begins—a one-to-one relationship that says to them someone is thinking of you, believing in you and praying for you.
Even though children who are newly registered into Compassion's program are available very quickly for sponsorship, more often than not it takes several months to connect a sponsor with a child.
Another reason is that unfortunately circumstances can change for supporters and sometimes they can just no longer continue to support a sponsored child.
When a sponsored child loses a sponsor, Compassion tries to find another person willing to be the child’s new sponsor. However, this can take several months. During this time the child continues to receive all the benefits of the program, except sponsor letters, birthday, and family gifts.
You can support children as they wait by giving to the Unsponsored Children Fund. To find out how to sponsor a child please click on the link below. You have no idea the difference that you can make in someone's life.