Mat Care

Your mat can improve or hinder your practice depending on it's condition so we do suggest caring for your mat as often as possible.It is also the best way to keep your mat hygienic.
Although they are machine washable, we do not suggest doing so as they are very heavy due to the tree rubber. Just because our mats can withstand your washing machine, also does not necessarily mean that your machine can withstand the mat.
Caring for your mat is as simple as some warm water or our Mat Cleanser which is only $5 per bottle. We suggest a few sprays in to a warm cloth, wipe down thoroughly and leave in the glorious sunlight to dry naturally. You are also welcome to spritz some essential oils on to deodorise your mat. Please be sure to dilute these in water before spraying on as the oil will stain if used alone.
Please avoid cleaning agents as they may affect the inks in the surface.
If you have any queries regarding cleaning, please get in touch via and we will be more than happy to assist.